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As a leader in Flow measurement, GE PANAMETRICS and GE RHEONIK have solutions for all with a wide range of products that includes :

Ultrasonic Flow Meter - Flare Gas, Natural Gas, Steam, other Gas and Liquids
Vortex Flow Meter - Gas and Liquid
Coriolis Mass Flow Meter - Gas and Liquids

With proven technology and quality, GE PANAMETRICS and GE GENERAL EASTERN is able to provide you with analytical measurement solutions from various cutting edge technologies such as :

Moisture Analyzer - Alumunium Oxide, Tunable Laser Diode (TDLAS), Chilled Mirror
Oxygen Transmitters
Hydrogen Transmitters
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Severe Service Control Valves :

Angle Style Control Valve
DRAG High Performance Valve
Rotary Globe Control Valve
Choke Valve
Severe Service Control Valve
Multi-Stage Trim Design
Turbine Bypass Valve
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We can offer you the widest range of isolation valves from conventional ball valve to butterfly valve design for onshore and offshore installation.

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Universal Gas Detectors
Open and Closed path detection
Interchangeable sensors, Plug-N-Play
Fixed Gas Detection – Combustible & Toxic
Flame Detection
Multi IR, Single IR, Triple IR, UV, UV/IR
2 to 16 Channels Controller
SIL-2 rated

Cameron’s LEDEEN ® actuator and control solutions have been consistently providing exceptional valve automation performance to the oil and gas industry for more than 60 years. It has successful operations in the brutal environmental conditions of desert, arctic, offshore and subsea applications.

Gas-Over Oil
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